Employees of Eindhoven Doet

Eindhoven Doet is an expert on volunteering. Our employees are happy to share their trade knowledge and their network with everyone who has questions regarding this matter.

Meet part of the team. Together with many colleagues they're ready to be of service.

Anita Kotmans

Employee of Eindhoven Doet

Carla van Herpen

Carla van Herpen photo

Diana van den Eijnden

Diana van den Eijnden photo

Hilly Schols

Hilly Schols photo

Joep Wijsbek

Joep Wijsbek photo

Karin Lammers

Karin Lammers photo

Marjo Dankers

Marjo Dankers photo

Mickel Adams

Mickel Adams foto

Simon Kwee

Simon Kwee photo

Employee of Eindhoven Doet

Thea van Hirsel

Thea van Hirsel photo

Employee of Eindhoven Doet